Sunday, 21 August 2011

Why do some Traffic exchanges Fail

I own a traffic exchange and got it about 2 years ago and i can speak from experience here as i am a hardcore surfer and been doing that for 7 years,now it can be quite hard to make your TE a sucessfull one but as someone already pointed out it has to be original and it has to have a great domain name for a start.

I mean when i see a Traffic Exchange called silly surf that does not make me want to join that exchange so think very hard about your domain name fist.

The other main thing is not to expect instant success otherwise you will be dissapointed these things take time, i have seen loads of exchanges open up and then a few months later close again just because they did not make $1000`s straight away,and then you see other exchanges fail because they never promote their site lol.

I work sometimes 18 hours a day promoting my site and learning about the programming and design that goes into sites so i can do everything my self.I did not just jump into owning a Traffic Exchange it was something i thourght about for awhile and i was still surprised how much hard work goes into making a Traffic Exchange work.It depends on how far are you willing to work to make your exchange work?
Remember to listen to what others have to say never think you know better because im sure that 90% of TE owner know nothing about owning a Te till they actually own one lol.If you get stuck ask someone there are a lot of people out there that will either help you or offer advice,look on the internet there are hundreds of programs out there that can help you also.

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