Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Want Some Extra Cash Recycle Your Old Phone

Im Sure you are most proberly like me and have had loads of mobile phones in your time,i get bored of mine very quickly lol.
But did you know your mobile phone is made up of some expensive materials.
Instead of just throwing away phones you don't need any more or keeping them in a drawer you should look into recycling them.
Not only could you sell old phones for cash and make some money but you will also be conserving useful materials that can be reused.
Why are Old Phones Worth Money? You may be wondering why companies want to buy old phones for cash.
Well the main reason is that mobile phones contain some expensive materials such as copper, lead, nickel and even gold.
These materials can be recycled and this means they can be sold again for reuse in industry.
Just like most of us now use recycable bins for our household rubish ie plastic bottles,tins,cardboard etc.
The planet's natural resources are under increasing pressure and this means prices for raw goods such as metals and plastics are at an all-time high.
By recycling mobile phone companies can gain back significant volumes of expensive materials that would otherwise go straight into landfill.
This is why so many businesses are now offering chances to sell phones for cash.
How are Mobile Phones Recycled? Once you have sold your old phones for cash they will be taken to a processing factory.
Here the phones will be separated into reusable phones in good condition or refurbishable and recyclable ones broken or damaged.
The reusable phones will then be tested, refurbished and wiped of data ready for resell.
Many people throw phones away that are in perfect working order or that can be repaired quickly and easily.
These can be resold back into the market as refurbished and this can extend their working lives. 
The recyclable phones will move on for processing: 
Phones will be stripped of usable parts such as LCD screens and batteries that could be used in the refurbishment of other phones.
Any remaining parts will be processed in a high temperature smelting furnace until they have been reduced to a lava-like consistency.
Im so glad i dont work in one of these places the smell of melting plastic is horrible lol
This thick liquid will then be poured into special containers where an agitate is added.
This will help to separate key metals such as gold, silver, copper and lead which can then be siphoned off and reused.
Harmful substances such as cadmium and lead will be disposed of safely or reused if applicable.
So the moto of this article is that you could make yourself a bit of cash just for a old broken phone or one in a drawer.

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