Saturday, 20 August 2011

Keep in Touch with your Members

The best way to look at this is by thinking of your website as one of your team, a dedicated member of staff or even your business partner. You’re working together and aiming for the same goal. Your website is working extremely hard for you by racing around the internet and making sure that anyone looking for products or services like yours knows about you!
Your website is responsible for marketing your business, bringing potential customers to your door and showing them what you do and why they should be your customer! So your website needs all the latest information about your business.

Make sure that your website has all the information it needs to answer people’s questions and encourage a positive response. There is also another way to encourage maximum response from potential customers and visitors to your website.

 Newsletters keep you touch with existing and potential customers. When customers sign up to receive a newsletter, they are inviting you to keep them informed about new products, services, special offers and special events etc! By requesting your newsletter, they have also eliminated any Spam restrictions or barriers, which means you can contact them by email whenever you like! Keeping in touch with customers like this will make sure they think of YOU the next time they need the kind of products or services you offer.

  Keep Newsletters Short and Punchy and always include a link direct to your website. The link could take people to your home page or a particular page promoting your special offer or even a particular product or group of products within your shopping basket.
Alternatively, you could produce your newsletter on a page within your website and simply email your customers a link to that page with a short, catchy teaser inviting them to “click here to find out more about our amazing news!”


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